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Welcome to Stream Fit

Goals for this site:

  • A list of fitness-related Streaming Services
  • A list of Instructors
  • A faceted search to help refine content based on service, channels, and instructors; focus; types of workouts; and equipment used
    • A list of YouTube Channels that offer online workouts that can also be refined by focus, types of workouts, and equipment used.
  • Curated lists of free workouts, such as workouts for Active Seniors, Zumba and Restarting, and workouts that use special equipment such as Rebounders (mini-trampolines) and Slide Boards
  • A searchable marketplace for people to sell and exchange Equipment, Workout wear, DVDs, and Videos
  • A community where users can connect and plan to do workouts together and discuss them afterward
  • Member Tools:
    • A section to set up a rotation based on workout types 
    • A place to log workouts
  • A workout "spinner" that presents a random workout of the day.
  • Interactive materials

If you are a fitness/lifestyle professional who would like to be included in this database so others can review your site and videos please reach out via the contact form found in the footer.