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About StreamFit

I’m a long-time workout-at-home fan (started working out at home in the 90s), but I've stopped reaching for my DVDs exclusively and dived into streaming. There are so many options out there from sites that you can watch on multiple platforms, like BeachBody and InnerDimensionTV, to videos on services like YouTube and Amazon Prime and numerous instructor sites, like Barre Definition and mobile-only apps. It was overwhelming and my opinions for the paid services have ranged from “this is so worth it” to “do not renew.” Classification was also pretty hard. I was spending as much time searching as doing. 

So I set out to create a personal clearinghouse of these places with reviews and added classifications to try to direct my time and money. Creating my database was fun, but I may be missing the next great service or instructor so if you’re a streaming fitness junkie, too, please help to build this reference.