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The FIRM: 12 Minute Time Crunch Cardio

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This dvd features four separate 12 minute cardio workouts. Each workout includes its own warmup & cooldown (included in the 12 min). You will need light dumbbells, a dowel, and a short step for some of the workouts. You can select a workout or play all.

Cardio 1: (Jen Carman) Exercises include low impact floor work -knee raises, toe taps, marching, double side step and short box work - knee pulls, heel digs, & basic steps. Beginner

Cardio 2: (Robyn Johnson) Exercises include short box work - basic, knee up, & L steps, and floor work - march, grapevine, kick & punch and dowel floor work - holding the dowel abductions & adductions w/ arm movements, & front & side toe taps. Beginner

Cardio 3: (Allie Strickland) Exercises include 4 limb box work, side toe tap & delt fly, knee lift & rhomboid pinch and dowel work - holding the dowel push squats, step touch. Floor work - step squat, tri-star, dips, marching, and V step. Beginner.

Cardio 4: (Allie Strickland) Exercises include floor aerobics -calf pumps, heel raise & punch, back cross step, step touch, double step touch, triple step. 4 limb floor work - ham curl & rhomboid pinch, bi tri & heel tap, and step touch bi curls. Low intermediate. I received this dvd to review.